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The terminal has been fully verified by the retail industry, terminal weapon to each industry brand is the key to winning. Make full use of terminal for brand promotion and sales atmosphere, is a complete sales and effective brand key initiatives. Crown all retail terminal solutions to help enterprises build a strong brand terminal, to allow the terminal to truly become the brand and consumer communication channels, becoming the brand stage.
Function and application of: change of propaganda, using digital posters and advertising video replaces the original plane POP, a full range of brand image promotion and product information publicity, informative, the advertisement to be convenient, do not need large-scale long-term printed publicity materials. Not only reduce brand and product publicity costs, effectively enhance the brand image promotion.
Emergency important information is released in time, through advertising machine letter function to deliver timely information, brand information and consumer synchronization share.
On terminal sale personnel multi-angle training, make the brand culture and product knowledge accessibility with no loss of communicated to the terminal, improve the terminal of the operational capacity, and improve sales performance.
Using the touch query function improving personalized service, increase brand and consumer interaction, narrowing the distance.

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