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Along with the city traffic planning and intercity communication needs, Metro and Intercity Railway Rapid development. Network and the application of digital technology makes it possible the waiting place, enhance the waiting place information service and information communication, bring to the public service; expansion of emergency information dissemination, improve safety awareness, enhance the emergency time release and processing capacity is currently the rail transit planning and construction of the necessary factors.
The highest public traffic industry solutions, has been widely applied in each big city subway and light rail project, success for the general public to provide the waiting place information services.
Function and application of: to provide passengers with information display and touch inquiry terminal information transfer mode. Through the information release system for the passenger waiting time, train station information release indication, city traffic information and the real-time traffic conditions, city map, weather conditions, all kinds of transport fares, airport flight information, tourism information consulting service of city life, can also be used for government information, emergency information timely delivery, and has broadcast information, advertising and other functions.

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