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METOUCH touch screen is one of the leading products in the infrared touch industry with the most accurate and consistent touch sensing capabilities. Our infrared touch screen technology maximizes customer interaction by enabling a user friendly interface that users can learn to use instinctively. The touch screens are especially useful in Banking applications as well as KIOSKs, DID, Gaming, Transportation, etc.

  • To support the true Multi-touch & Multiuser operations.
  • Keep high performance anywhere
  • Using sensor method that isn’t added screen sheet differ as the resistive and capacitive
  • Make use of tempered glass on the foreside to protect LCD
  • High light transmittance, can use semi-permanent production
  • To support profuse system environment, RS232, extension mode, etc
  • Know how to press assemble between the foreside sensor frame and tempered glass to ensure perdurable used in public devices.

In addition, METOUCH has own original technology as well to ensure various custom design.

Product list
     Touch panel
        A type
        C type
        P type
     Touch Monitor
     Touch TV
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