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At present, the banking industry is facing the complex external operating environment, the increasingly rigid capital constraint and gradually promotes the market-oriented reform of interest rates; and foreign banks into the local high-end customers, share. Shaping and promotion of unique brand and enterprise culture, pay attention to staff training, improve product promotion efforts, to provide convenient service, increase customer service experience and interaction is the bank to further enhance the core competitiveness of the key initiatives.
 A crown financial industry solution provides a sound solution, and has been in the service of banks, the recognition by the customer.
Function and application of: The brand image of the uniform output -- Digital poster instead of traditional Roll up Screen & POP, the use of networking information release platform, unified advertising video, digital poster. Use of audio and video of the sensory impact, a full range of brand communication; brand image more strengthen propaganda.
Business information real-time publishing -- change before by simply subtitles released interest rate, exchange rate, fund and so on such a few basic financial information, real-time exchange rate and other information to replace, not only to solve the real-time problem, but also in support of other financial information, such as deposit and loan interest rates, the net value of the fund, the price of gold, such as government bonds, greatly expanded the scope of information release.
Bank promotion project synchronization publicity -- through networking information release system on the banks of the new project, new services were released, and the realization of all the network synchronization, so that all customers can enjoy synchronized project introduction, enjoy the efficient service.
The remote training -- training course synchronization output, using advertising machine breaks function, realized in the operating time, stop playing the brand propaganda and introduction to the project file, to a unified internal training content, complete the remote video training. Can be in various outlets for unified training, the training course without the loss of communication, enhance the training effect;
Customer service experience -- in the hall at a fixed location or VIP chamber to increase the vertical touch advertising machine, released in response to sexual project publicity, provide inquiry services, enabling customers to enjoy the unique VIP services, fully promote the customer to the bank brand recognition and satisfaction.

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