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Resellers Wanted

We are looking for International Resellers. If you are interested in selling METOUCH's Products, please apply now!
We will get back to you as soon as we have received your application.

In case there is a problem submitting the form, you may also contact us by:
1. by email:
2. by phone & fax: TEL: 86-755-27889291 #8006, FAX: 86-755-27889290.
3. by postal mail: 8F, Cuigang distribution centre, Huaide, Fuyong, Bao’an, Shenzhen, China 518103

Partner Wanted: If you are a developer or system integrator, you may be qualified of becoming one of our strategic partners. Whether your expertise is kiosk, point of sales, ATM, Gaming machines, or anything that is related to touch screen application, please tell us about yourself in the "Remarks" section. We can team up to provide more products and services to the market.

Privacy Policy: Your privacy is protected. We will not provide your personal information to 3rd party, and will never send you any unwanted mail or email. The information hereafter will be used strictly for internal documentation only.

Fields with an asterisk (*) are required!
Step1: Please enter your Company Contact information.
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Step 2: Please enter your Company's Internet Presence Profile.
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Step 3: Please enter your Company's Business Profile.
President/Owner's Name:
Business Form: Sole Proprietor Partnership Corporation
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What is your primary business?

Last year's revenues:
From which market segment does the majority of your revenue come?
Number of employees:
Number of sales:
How many sales offices do you have?
Number of technical personnel:
Number of administrative personnel:
Market territory:
Market applications:
List of main product currently carried:
Product Name Manufacturer Since (Year)
Which Products are you interested in selling? (Check all that apply) *
The Name Rule: Series + Inch + Ratio + Code + Shell Material (P: ABS Plastic, F: Ferrous, E: Edge Added, A: Aluminum)
IR Touch Screen A Type (26”, 32”, 42”)
IR Touch Screen F Type (15” to 70”)
IR Touch Screen P Type (7” to 19”)
IR Touch Monitor (15” to 25”)
IR Touch TV (26” to 70”)
How did you hear about us?
Web Search Engine via
B2B via                             
Print AD, Brochure
Trade Show
Word of mouth
Step 4: Submit Application.
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