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On the spiritual and cultural demand drives the film market prosperity, in addition to movie theater technology itself how to attract the viewing population, with more comprehensive means of the film all the publicity, is to obtain the movie resource key. Create a unique theater atmosphere, caring viewing before the waiting period, the enhanced cinema entertainment ability is the important way to attract the audience crowd. Crown cinema industry solutions provide the perfect solution, the effective power to create high-quality brand of cinemas.
Function and application of networking information release platform: the theater entrance, build multiple advertising machine of the same information release platform through the network release system, the timely release of the latest movie information and the new schedule, advertising spots, multi screen play at the same time, improve the visual impact;
At the ticket area issue ticket information, video playlist, number arrangement, the weather and other information, the convenience of our customers timely and comprehensive understanding of information, reduce the consultation time, reduce the workload of staff time and ticket.
In either waiting area post a video information, cinema information and other information, improve the cinema brand promotion efforts, not the majority of viewing people understand each information channel. Using the touch interactive device for viewing population to provide self-service, interactive entertainment services.
Full fill wait for viewing time, enhance the viewing population of theater of humane care experience.

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