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METOUCH customizing touch screen design check list [Download]
If you wish to get a quote for an METOUCH touch screen with a custom overlay, please take the measurements on your display and fill out the following design check list.

Please check mark the blank and fill in the measurements of dimensions.
Your display is landscape, or portrait.
Your display is LCD, Plasma, Projection TV, Projection screen, or other, please specify .
Measurements in mm, or inch: A , B , C , D , E .
Quantity needed: immediate: , within one month: , within 3 months: , future: .
Contact Information:
Company Name: Contact Name:
Tel: Fax: Email:
You may fill in this form to, or fax it to +86-755-2788-9290.
Product list
     Touch panel
        A type
        C type
        P type
     Touch Monitor
     Touch TV
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